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BendPak Going Gunmetal Gray

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BendPak Going Gunmetal Gray


For as long as most people can remember, BendPak car lifts have been bold, bright and blue. We know we make the best car lifts in the industry, so we think it’s time to JUMP out of the sea of other blue-colored lifts and make a name for ourselves... again!

Why Gunmetal Gray? It surely won’t POP out in your garage or shop quite like the bold BendPak blue you’ve come to know and love, and we think this is a good thing. People know us well enough that we don’t need to announce our presence everywhere we go. "Going gray" means we’re a little older, wiser and come with a more sophisticated touch. We’ll blend in beautifully with virtually every environment, and a row of car lifts painted over with our sleek, Gunmetal Gray finish is sure to add just the right amount of class.

FAQs for BendPak Car Lift Change to Gunmetal Gray

Q: I’ve always known BendPak lifts to be blue. Why switch after all this time?
A: Actually, if you go back nearly three decades, you’ll remember first generation BendPak lifts were burgundy-colored. We changed to blue-colored lifts circa 1980. Click here for press release details explaining our current Gunmetal Gray position and why the change.

Q: What products are being changed from BendPak blue to Gunmetal Gray?
A: All service and parking lift models will change. Rolling bridge jacks will remain black. Other products like air compressors, pipe benders, wheel service units and shop equipment will remain their standard color(s).

Q: What is the exact color?
A: BendPak will systematically be using “Gunmetal Gray” in all marketing attributes. Singular “gray” will not be used. The exact color is RAL7024.

Q: How do we spell it? Gray or grey?
A: Gray and grey are both accepted in the English language; however, gray is the more popular spelling in the U.S., which is the spelling that BendPak will be using.

Q: When can I start ordering Gunmetal Gray lifts?
A: We will start taking orders mid-December 2016. However, initial orders may be delayed due to product popularity and production schedules.

Q: When will the Gunmetal Gray lifts be fully implemented into shipping?
A: During any transitional production change, we can expect up to six months of (new vs. old) overlap due to product popularity and production schedules. For example, standard two-post and four-post models that get faster turnover will see more rapid color change integration, while slower-moving models may take longer. We expect initial shipments of the new Gunmetal Gray lifts to be shipping mid-December 2016.

Q: How do I know if the lift I order will be BendPak blue or Gunmetal Gray?
A: We suggest you email to confirm.
December 2016 – Approximately 80% of our inventory will still be BendPak blue.
January 2017 – Approximately 60% of our inventory will still be BendPak blue.
February 2017 – Approximately 40% of our inventory will still be BendPak blue.
March 2017 – Approximately 20% of our inventory will still be BendPak blue.
April 2017 – By this time, the majority of our inventory will be Gunmetal Gray.
Again, we suggest you email to confirm.

Q: What if my customer’s shop is already filled with blue lifts? Will I still be able to order lifts in blue?
A: Yes, but at the time of your order, if no blue lifts are in stock, a special color fee will be added to your order and shipment may be delayed.

Q: Are there other colors available as well?
A: Other standard "special" colors are available, although they may be special order. Please check with your BendPak service rep. Special colors available are Graphite Black, Seca Red and now, BendPak Blue. Special paint color fees will apply.

Q: I just ordered a blue lift(s). Can I change it to Gunmetal Gray?
A: Yes. No fees will be charged. However, please contact your BendPak service rep to determine if the Gunmetal Gray lift you plan to order is indeed in stock.

Q: What about service parts (major components) for current BendPak blue-colored lifts? Will you be stocking component parts in blue color?
A: No. We do not plan to stock both blue and Gunmetal Gray service components. We do estimate, however, that we will continue to have blue-colored service parts in our inventory for many months to come, as BendPak service parts do not have a high turnover rate.

Q: Who should I contact if I have questions that aren’t answered here?
A: We suggest you email with any outstanding questions/concerns.


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