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Aqueous Parts Washer and Auto Parts Spray-Wash Cabinets Clean Parts with Soap and Water

Only Ranger delivers deep-down auto parts cleaning with a solid line of heated aqueous spray parts washers designed for durability and precision under the most demanding conditions. Let’s face it; people in our line of work aren’t generally too concerned about a little dirt, but when it comes to grimy parts in desperate need of cleaning, that’s precisely where we at Ranger shine.

Parts Washer Technology

 Washing parts has never been so easy

  1. Load those filthy parts on the over-sized turntable or place them on the sturdy parts tree or hanging parts basket.
  2. Close and latch the door then set the wash-cycle timer for up to 60-minutes.
  3. As the turntable rotates at 3-RPM, the parts are blasted from all angles with hot soap and water. The solution is continuously filtered and recycled.
  4. The powerful force of the jets and the hot detergent combine to remove grease, oil, carbon and other grime in just minutes.
  5. Unload the clean parts and allow them to flash dry in seconds.

RS-750-Spray-Wash-Cabinet.pngEach of our best-in-class industrial parts washers and parts cleaning systems are designed to hold payloads of 500 to 1,000 pounds which means they’ll tackle big stuff like complete transmissions, engine blocks and more with ease. But we’d never stop there. A Ranger parts washer boasts more convenient features than any other industrial spray cabinet on the market today. Where others might consider these details to be luxury extras, at Ranger we know that they are essential to hard-working professionals like you. That’s why each Rangerparts washer cabinet comes with a heavy-duty turntable, high-quality replaceable brass nozzles, an automatic timer, safety door switch, heavy-duty parts cleaning basket, a removable tree rack, tank drain, heavy-duty casters, multi-directional spray jets and a built-in oil skimming system. On top of that, we even throw in a 25-gallon bucket of Aluma-Klean premium parts cleaning detergent absolutely free. While we take a little grease as a point of pride, your clients will certainly appreciate the immaculate cleaning results brought to them exclusively by a Ranger parts washer spray system.


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  Capacity Tank capacity Interior height Interior width
 RS-500 500 lbs. 50 gal. 32" 43"
 RS-750 1,000 lbs. 53 gal. 54" 32"
 SOAP-20-LBS 20 lbs. N/A N/A N/A
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