Waste fluids such as used oil are some of the most common problems automotive service professionals face every day. Where do you put it? How do you safely transport it? Ranger, as always, has the right solution. Choose from our wide array of oil drains and waste fluid management equipment to make sure your area is free of drips, drops and spills.

  Capacity Lowered height Raised height Funnel diameter
 RD-9G 9 gal. 32" 64" 18"
 RD-15 15 gal. 8-1/2" N/A N/A
 RD-18G 18 gal. 48" 72" 18"
 RD-20SE 20 gal. 52" 83" 16"

For your more common waste fluid management applications, choose from our 8-, 18- and 20-gallon upright, rolling oil drain units. These convenient waste oil tanks feature a wide stable base, high-quality ball bearing casters, top-of-the-line materials and superior design to resist dents, rust and damage from otherwise corrosive fluids.

However, if you're servicing a truck or RV, you may require something a little different to manage your waste fluids and used oils. For your heavy-duty applications, consider the Ranger RD-15 Portable Oil Drain. This heavy-duty, low-profile oil drain is a wagon-style oil drain with a 15-gallon capacity. As with all Ranger products, each of these oil drains is made from the finest materials with the intention of being heavily used for a very long time. Too often, oil drains are the over-looked weapon in your garage or shop's waste management arsenal with disastrous results. Choosing quality Ranger Oil Drain products means never having to worry about waste fluid again.

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