BendPak HDS-40 4-Post Lift 40000LB Capacity

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  • BendPak HDS-40 4-Post Lift  40000LB Capacity
  • BendPak HDS-40 4-Post Lift  40000LB Capacity
  • BendPak HDS-40 4-Post Lift  40000LB Capacity
  • BendPak HDS-40 4-Post Lift  40000LB Capacity
  • BendPak HDS-40 4-Post Lift  40000LB Capacity
  • BendPak HDS-40 4-Post Lift  40000LB Capacity
  • Color: Gunmetal Gray
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BendPak HDS-40 4-Post Lift 40,000 LB Capacity  Heavy Duty Truck Lift
BendPak's newest line of heavy-duty four-post truck lifts are here. Bigger sheaves, beefier components and a legacy of dependability--get your hands on these massive machines and bring a higher level of service to your garage or shop.

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*40,000-pound lifting capacity 
*Overall 154" Wide
*Overall Lenght 297"
*Height of Colums 93"
*Lenght of Run Ways 263"
*Max Rise 60"
*Lifting Time 75 sec.
*Motor 220 VAC/1 Ph

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Four-Post Lifts by BendPak


SKU# 5175176

40,000-lb. Capacity / Four-Post Lift / Standard

The HDS-40 four-post lift is the safest, beefiest, biggest, baddest, meanest and every other “-est” word for a truck lift we can use to mean, “It doesn’t get better than this.” This extreme heavy-duty four-post lift can support the weight of a Greyhound™ bus, as well as a mobile home or RV. If you service the most weight-intensive vehicles on the road and want reliable performance day in and day out, an HDS-40 is the only heavy-duty car lift you can afford to trust in your shop.



Lifting Capacity*40,000 lbs. (18,144 kg)
*Max Capacity / Front Axle20,000 lbs. (9,072 kg)
*Max Capacity / Rear Axle20,000 lbs. (9,072 kg)


A - Min. Runway Height:8.5" (216 mm)
B - Max. Rise:60" (1,524 mm)
C - Max. Lifting Height:68.5" (1,740 mm)
Time to Full Rise:75 seconds

Outside Dimensions

D - Overall Width:154" (3,912 mm)
E - Outside Length:257" (6,528 mm)
F - Overall Length:297" (7,544 mm)
G - Height of Columns:93" (2,362 mm)

Inside Dimensions

H - Width Between Columns:134" (3,404 mm)
I - Drive-Thru Clearance:109" (2,769 mm)


J - Runway Width:28" (711 mm)
K - Length of Runways:263" (6,680 mm)
L - Width Between Runways:36" (914 mm) or 47" (1,194 mm)
M - Runway Centerline:64" (1,626 mm) or 75" (1,905 mm)
N - Outside Edge of Runways:92" (2,337 mm) or 103" (2,616 mm)

Minimum Wheelbase

Rated Capacity:185" (4,699 mm)
75% Capacity:160" (4,064 mm)
50% Capacity:135" (3,429 mm)
25% Capacity:110" (2,794 mm)


Locking Positions:9
Lock Spacing:Every 6" / 152 mm

Power Unit

Motor:220 VAC / 60 Hz. 1Ph.
Noise:45 dB

Note: An air supply (minimum: 30 psi / 3 CFM) is required for the safety-lock mechanisms to disengage. It is solely the responsibility of the end-user to provide, install and maintain the air supply.


  • 40,000-lb. lifting capacity
  • Supersized 12" diameter cable sheaves
  • Stainless steel lifting cables
  • Grease nipples
  • Single hydraulic under-runway cylinder
  • Integrated flow restrictor
  • Durable powder coat
  • Spring-loaded safety locks
  • Second lock system on constant guard
  • Fully enclosed lifting cables
  • Multiple adjustable height locking positions
  • Maintenance-free electric hydraulic power system
  • Conveniently positioned operator controls
  • 12" x 12" base plates
  • Non-skid runways
  • Optional rolling jacks


The Only Heavy-Duty Car Lift You’ll Ever Need

An HDS40 four-post lift lets you wrench on absolutely massive vehicles. Nothing in BendPak’s lineup has this much brute force to accompany the same features found on our other heavy-duty lifts. That means the ergonomic controls, massive sheaves, over-engineered lift components and aircraft-quality cables are all here to guarantee the ultimate lifting experience.

Extended runways

Car lifts with longer runways are less prone to causing accidental vehicle damage. For our largest four-post lift, we make sure the most massive 40K trucks and commercial vehicles can safely make their way onto the ramps for service.

Dual-hub cable sheaves

Truck lift sheaves are made 12” in diameter with  4” diameter sheave axles and are necessarily over-engineered for safer lifting. They’re low-maintenance and low-cost for the entire lifespan of your lift. All four sheaves rotate in perfect synchronization  to achieve a smooth, even lift, 100% of the time.

Heavy-duty aircraft cable

BendPak’s heavy-duty, 1/2” diameter, 6 x 25 stainless-steel lifting cables are expertly engineered to withstand the weights of fully loaded full-size flatbeds and city buses. The cables are completely resistant to rust and chemical reactions, as well as environmental factors such as heat, humidity, air particulate, etc. And since this is a BendPak cable we’re talking about, it requires very little maintenance over time.

Built-in lubrication

To keep your cables sliding gently through the sheaves, self-lubricating grease nipples are fitted through the sheave and sheave axle for many years of optimum performance. We keep the grease where it belongs: along the sheave, not on your floor.

Flow restrictor

A flow restrictor is built in to the hydraulic cylinder, providing a safe descent in the rare (and very unlikely) event of a catastrophic hose rupture. Even in the worst-case scenario, your truck lift will gently descend and safely touch down on the ground. Chances are you’ll never have to see this feature at work, but we engineered it just in case.

Large base plates

Truck lift base plates are made a little wider than the bases of our lighter-duty models: 12 x 12 plate dimensions are sturdy and can be easily bolted into suitable concrete flooring for years of extreme security. No wobbles, no worries.

Spring-loaded safety locks

As the lift ascends, adjustable safety locks audibly click into place at multiple levels. This lets you choose your preferred service lifting point and accommodate for uneven floors. 13 lock positions make for an incredibly safe and versatile four-post lift.

Push-button pneumatic lock release

A one-push pneumatic release simultaneously disengages all four locks for a rapid descent that never loses its balance. Stainless steel and aluminum pneumatic cylinders are aircraft-quality, tested and overloaded right here in our own California facilities to ensure optimum functionality and soundness of design. Our quality control experts always listen for a smooth hiss that accompanies the release and descent of every healthy lift we manufacture.

Secondary lock system

A cable-slack detection device acts as a secondary lock in case of a mechanical failure on the lift. Mechanical failures on any BendPak four-post lift are uncommon but more likely to occur than hydraulic failures, given the nature and operation of moving parts. Other lift companies do not incorporate slack-cable detection and thereby put your lift at risk; if one of your posts experiences cable slack, imagine the catastrophe that would follow if it continued to descend unevenly. We don’t like to think about it, so we eliminated the concern: in case of any cable slack, a BendPak lift shuts down completely, keeping you, your lift and your vehicle safe until the problem can be resolved.

Integrated design

All components on this four-post lift are internally routed within the structure: cables, sheaves, axles, etc. Even the hydraulic cylinder is hidden underneath the lift. This ensures a cleaner product that’s well-suited for side-by-side stacking—no cumbersome components to knock into each other when multiple units are installed. It also makes for a better-looking lift. Not to mention, cables and sheaves perform better when they aren’t exposed to dirt, grime and other shop conditions that might affect performance.

Adjustable height locking positions

13 locking positions mean you have more versatility with where you position the ramps. Most other companies only provide 10 positions on their four-post lift models. It might sound minor, but we knows inches make a big difference when it comes to operator comfort.

Electric-hydraulic power system

A lift is only as good as the hydraulic power unit that keeps it running. With ergonomic one-push button control, a stabilizing pressure relief valve and a host of other critical design features (i.e. protective weatherproof casing), every hydraulic power pack we manufacture ensures a clean run, even during busy hours of heavy use.

Non-skid runways

Our runways are roughly textured to ensure your vehicle won’t roll back and forth once you park it. Vehicles remain perfectly still during rise and descent, and they roll off damage-free when the job is done.

Flexible protective conduit

To keep all cables safe from wear, and to prevent accidental shocks, protective tubing wraps around all BendPak four-post lift cables and airlines. The layered conduit is non-conducive to electricity and durable enough to withstand heavy use in busy commercial shops.

Rolling bridge jacks

Wheel service on full-size trucks and commercial vehicles can be tricky without the right equipment. BendPak offers a variety of rolling bridge jacks to support virtually every vehicle type. Hydraulic pumps come standard with each bridge jack, along with SUV/truck adapters you’re going to need in order to reach deeper undercarriages. Never skimp on quality when it comes to heavy-duty lifting (or any lifting, for that matter). Talk to a BendPak service representative to make sure your investment is well-equipped to handle everything your customers might throw your way.

Choose extended length

40,000 lbs. take a lot of muscle to lift, and many vehicles of this caliber are longer than our standard-length series of four-post lifts can accommodate. If you want to be prepared for the longest and heaviest, you need the biggest and baddest. At a whopping 323”, the HDS40X is the heaviest-duty extended-length car lift we make. Slap a bus on it and get to work, no sweat.

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Warranty Information

For more than a decade, America’s best lift has been coupled with the best warranty in the business. Instead of hiding behind a long veil of marketing fluff, we’re proud to deliver our warranty up front for all to see. To make sure we deliver our customers lifting products worthy of our 5-2-1 warranty, we developed our Design-Build-Quality-Deliver directive. This Zero-Tolerance for Defects initiative combined with our 5-2-1 Warranty is BendPak’s way of backing up what we claim. We employ a dedicated team of design engineers who are responsible for detecting and correcting any issue no matter how small before it gets to the customer. Five years is a long time, so we’ve got to get it right before we ship. The best warranty in the business gives you more than just peace of mind; it’s proof that we took a little extra care building your lift and every precaution was taken to maintain the highest degree of quality, dependability and reliability. Duration: From the date of purchase by the original Purchaser or 60-24-12 months from the date of shipment by BendPak or whichever comes first. » Five Years (60-Months) Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty on the lift structure » Two Years (24-Months) Warranty on the hydraulic cylinder(s) and power unit » One Year (12-Months) Labor Warranty on site or at factory » One Year (12-Months) Free-Shipping* on ground-freight charges related to warranty performance
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