BendPak XPR-10 vs Rotary SPO10

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BendPak® XPR-10 vs. Rotary® SPOA10


*Design features and specifications are subject to change. Please consult factories for updates.
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Recently, a BendPak® engineering team in response to a Rotary® distributed document comparing a Rotary® two-post to a BendPak® two-post, performed a thorough inspection and review of both BendPak® and Rotary® standard 10,000-lb. capacity asymmetric two-post lifts. The following report illustrates critical design feature comparisons in broad detail of the above lift models.

BendPak Two Post Lift Report


Column / Front

Two Post Column Comparison



Column / Side

BendPak Two Post Lift Comparison



Column / Side Bottom

Rotary Two Post Lift Comparison



Column / Rear Bottom

Two Post Lift Comparison



Column / Bottom Sheave

BendPak Sheave Rollers



Column / Base Plate

Two Post Baseplate



Column Assembly / BendPak® on Scale

BendPak Column Assembly



Column Assembly / Rotary® on Scale

Rotary Column Assembly



Carriage / Front

BendPak Carriage



Carriage / Rear

Rotary Carriage



Carriage / Top View

BendPak Slide Blocks



Carriage / Top Dimensions




Carriage / Safety Lock Thickness

BendPak Safety Locks



Carriage / UHMW Slide Blocks

Rotary Slide Blocks



Carriage / Pin Hole Location

BendPak Pin Hole Location



Carriage / Arm Attachment Location

Arm Attachment Location



Carriage / Top Plate Thickness

Top Plate Carriage Thickness



Carriage / Arm Restraints

BendPak Arm Restraints



Carriage / BendPak® on Scale

BendPak Carriage Weight



Carriage / Rotary® on Scale

Rotary Carriage Weight



Arms / Side Detail

BendPak Lift Arms



Arms / Side Detail

Rotary Lift Arms



Arms / Reach / Retracted

BendPak Arm Reach



Arms / Reach / Extended

Rotary Arm Reach



Arms / Contruction

BendPak Arm Construction



Arms / Contruction / Thickness

BendPak Arm Thickness



Arms / Contruction / Method

Construction Method



Arms / Contruction / Underside

Underside Lift Arm Construction



Arms Set / BendPak® on Scale

Weight of BendPak Arm Set

Arms Set / Rotary® on Scale

Weight of Rotary Arm Set



Top Beam / Sheave Detail

BendPak Top Beam Detail



Top Beam / Beam Construction

Rotary Top Beam Construction



Top Beam / Top View

Top Beam Two Post Lift



Hydraulic Cylinder / Rod End

*Throttle valve opens to 100% max pump flow during lift rise then closes and reduces flow during 
decent only.

BendPak Cylinder



Hydraulic Cylinder / Thickness

Rotary Cylinder Thickness



Hydraulic Cylinder / Full View

Rotary BendPak Cylinder Comparison



Equalizer Cables

Two Post Lift Equalizer Cables



Cable Sheaves

Two Post Lift Cable Sheaves



Power Unit

BendPak Power Unit



Features-Specifications Comparison


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